By Laura Cowen

Our morning toast isn’t usually the motivation for getting out of bed early, but these super pretty Mermaid Toast designs have got us running straight to the kitchen! Say goodbye to basic brunches, it’s all about Mermaid Toast now!

Food stylist Adeline Waugh (@vibrantandpure) uses cream cheese and veggie juices (yep, vegetables can look this pretty!) to create these Uh-Mazing little slices of mermaid magic.

The more aqua colours, like the blue and green, are created by swirling cream cheese mixed with chlorophyll and spirulina…

And the pinkier colours are made with beet juice and the purple with blueberries. Fruit and veggies have never looked so tasty!

Adeline also likes to add some gold leaf flakes or pastel coloured sprinkles for that little extra topping of mermaid-y goodness! Has getting yo’ 5-a-day ever looked this sassy?

Image credit: Instagram