5 Things I'm Grateful For Every Day

When everything is turning to sh!t and you wondered what you did in a past life to deserve so much bad luck, it’s time to re-evaluate the sitch.

As they say; your vibe attracts your tribe and creating a positive energy will attract just that. After storms, come rainbows, so on those rainy days just remember it could be hella worse, grab your umbrella and man up!

Here are five things we can all be grateful for – every day of the week:


5 Things I'm Grateful For Every Day

If it’s a scorcher of a day, or just a glimmer of yellow peeking through the clouds, the sun is a reminder that there is something greater than us out there keeping an eye on things… oh and summer is on its way! For a vitamin D fix, flowers in bloom and those longer lighter days, I’ll always be a sun-worshipper at heart.


5 Things I'm Grateful For Every Day

This is the most shallow of the five but let’s be honest it’s so true! Having that direct line between you and the world is life and you’re simply lost without it! When that hot-spot sign pops up, we do a little dance inside.


5 Things I'm Grateful For Every Day

Whether your best friend is your mum, your dog, or a million miles away on Facetime, having someone we can laugh with, share memories with and give our heart to is priceless. My besties and my cat are my ride or die bitches and they come first every time.


5 Things I'm Grateful For Every Day

We’ve all had a Bridget Jones moment. You might be sat blubbing to a ballad or get caught doing the ‘Cha-Cha Slide’ but either way better out than in right? From post break-up tear-jerkers to booty shakers with the girls, a good tune is a game changer every time. Skanking out to D&B will have me grinning ear to ear even on the worst of days.


5 Things I'm Grateful For Every Day

Really want that guy to ask for your number; desperate to get that job?
If you’re lost trying to find your way home with a flat battery or praying your sister finally asks you to be bridesmaid. There’s always that spark of hope that spurs us on to do what’s right, be the best we can be and understand that we can’t get it right every time….but we’ll damn well try.


Image source: Unsplash