Signs You Need To Cut That Friend Out Of Your Life

Why is it that so many of us treat our gal pals so differently to our S/O’s? We’re all very good at taking no nonsense from boys, yet when it comes to our best friends, why do we let certain ones walk all over us?

A friendship shouldn’t be thought of any differently, it has just as big an impact on your life as a relationship does, if not more! Just because you been friends ‘forever’ doesn’t mean you ACTUALLY have to be friends forever. If they’re bad news, cut ‘em out.

There’s no contractual agreement with friendships, no matter how bound to that person you may feel or how long you’ve been friends for. If they bring more bad than good to your life, it’s time to let go. Here’s the 13 signs you need to cut that friend out of your life…

1. My way or the highway

Everything’s on their terms; food choice, wine choice, music choice; EVERYTHING. You’re forever making compromises for their sake, whether it be or watching their fave film or something more serious like cutting off a close friend due to their personal issue with them. It’s all well and good making these compromises, but when they’re not willing to return the favour, it’s time to let them go.

2. Friend or foe?

If you dislike the way they treat their other ‘friends’, they constantly talk bad behind their backs and are generally not a good friend to them. If you don’t like the way they treat others, they could easily treat you the same way

3. Negative Nelly

They bring nothing but negativity to every situation. Every time there’s a group event you’re looking forward to, they always manage to have an issue with someone going/the place/time/activity. OR if all else fails, they arrive with a personal drama, getting everyone involved and ruining the day. When their negativity starts to bring you down, it’s time to cut them out.

4. Actions speak louder than words

They’re very good at telling you how great a friend they are and how well they deal with situations, but they don’t ACTUALLY do it. Especially when it comes to apologies, how many times have you heard her preach ‘I’m always the first to apologise yet you’re still waiting for yours?

5. I want it all!

Just like Sharpay Evans, they want it all and worse? They expect it all. From you. And you give it them all, I mean, why wouldn’t you? They’re your best friend. But when the tables turn, she doesn’t do the same for you. You’d do anything for them, and sadly, it’s not the same the other way around.

6. Anything for you, dear

It’s easy to prioritise your bestie over anyone ‘cos you’d do anything for them. But if your friend is emotionally demanding to the point where it’s impacting your own life then face the facts. They’re selfish and you have to let go. Put yourself first for once, girl.

7. Drama, drama, drama

They’re surrounded by constant drama and constantly drag you into it. No matter how trivial, she always manages to make everything into a huge drama. You’re not in high school anymore and it’s more than fine to shake off that friend who’s clearly still stuck in her ways.

8. Second best

They chose others over you ALL the time, but always expect you to prioritise them. STOP IT NOW.

9. Flaky behaviour

They constantly bail on you with a stupid excuse yet somehow end up out dancing the night away with another pal. Cut. Them. Out.

10. Take responsibility for your actions

They don’t take responsibility for their actions. The word ‘sorry’ never actually seems to grace their lips, when they mess up they just breeze over it like nothing happened. But you know full well, if it was the other way around, all hell would break loose.

11. Damsel in distress

She’s always the one who’s hard done by. It’s always ‘boo poor me’, with no consideration for anyone else’s feelings.

12. Sly

If you know she’s said negative things about you behind your back, then she is not a friend. Simple.

If you’ve got yourself a toxic friend, it’s time to cut them out, for good. How will you know you’re making the right decision? After you’ve cut them out your life, you’ll feel so much better. The reactions of your other friends and family say it all, if their response is relief, you can be assured you’re not alone if your decision.

People grow. People change. Don’t let someone hold you back or bring you down.

Image credit: Unsplash