From books and blogs to social media, here’s what changed our lives this year…

This Changed My Life...


Free: Love Your Work, Love Your Life book 

It’s 200 pages of pure positivity to  improve your working life, giving you advice and tips to make the 9-5 that little bit more bearable. We might like to think they’re separate but we spend more time at work than anywhere else so if we want to make the most of the life we’ve got, we’ve got to expand that mentality to our working lives too.

It’s also the book that stemmed the Positive Vibes ritual where once a week on a Friday, we each write down three things that we’re grateful for before reading them aloud to each other. It puts us in a better mood and considering I read the book nearly a year ago, it’s testament to how it’s changed mine and our lives in more than one way.

This Changed My Life...



In January, I started a six week Meditation course at the local Buddhist centre. As someone who thinks (and over-thinks) ALL the time, I thought it would be super-hard to even switch off, never mind enter a state of complete mindfulness.

By week three, I was in the ‘zone’. I managed to completely remove distractions from my mind and enter a level of complete, uninterrupted level of consciousness I didn’t think was possible. It put into perspective how I live my life, what I value, the things I take to heart, and made me re-evaluate how much mattered, let go of anxiety and, as clichéd as it sounds, to just be in the moment.

This Changed My Life...


Instagram Page – The Good Quote 

Always adds a little positivity to each day! There’s nothing like a motivational quote!

The Happy Newspaper

It has all the good things that people have done in the past year from all over the world, broken down by month – always uplifting to read and puts things into perspective a bit!

This Changed My Life...


The Secret 

To sum up; PMA! Believing that what you want will come to you if you radiate positive energy and really believe that you can achieve what you want and work for (yes, it all sounds very idealistic).

I managed to increase my average 2:2 grades to graduating with a 1st from university and getting my first job out of uni at boohoo, I’m not saying that like magic, the secret SAVED me.
But thinking positively about what you’re doing and what you want to achieve can’t really be deemed as a ridiculously bad idea!

Although I should mention that I reject the fact that bad things happen because people have negative thoughts (I’m not that ignorant)!

This Changed My Life...


Deliciously Ella book & blog

Healthy eating has always been important to me. I began 2015 as a full-time student and ended it as an intern, all the while budgeting my way through life. Going all out with both just didn’t seem like an option until I discovered Deliciously Ella and she introduced me to the world of veganism! Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned into a vegan overnight (I still enjoy a good burger) but it turns out when you take away the meat, the most expensive part of any meal really, and ditch the gluten for a few meals, you can eat like a Queen and feel amazing all at the same time.

This Changed My Life...


Coconut Oil

Ok so it’s not monumental and it hasn’t enriched my mind or soul but it has had a pretty major effect on my body and saved me some spends too – winning! Not only have I swapped out my pricey Shu Uemura cleansing facial oil with it, I use it as a hair mask, highlighter, all over moisturiser and occasional cuticle softener; so thrifty. It’s a healthy alternative to regular cooking oil and you can use it to whiten your teeth.