By Ella Rinder

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1. You have a specific colour for every occasion 

From nights out to the office – a lipstick is needed to match all occasions


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2. When you find that one lipstick you fall in love with, you buy it in bulk

 Is there anything worse than running out of your signature lippy when you need it the most?


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3. Wiping your teeth becomes the norm

The curse of getting lipstick on your teeth is a girls worst nightmare, when it becomes your life – checking your teeth is the norm


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4. You can’t count your lipstick storage as it’s out of control

When you start to own more lipsticks than you do clothes you know you’re obsessed fo’ real


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5. Deciding which shade to match with your outfit is your biggest life dilemma

There’s always that huge decision of what colour to pair with your outfit – nude is always the safe bet OFC


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6. Applying it becomes second nature

Non of this wonky lipstick applying – you can do it without looking in a mirror


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7. Out of your group of friends you’re the go-to lipstick guru

You’re the friend which provides the lipstick options for all your pals before a night out


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8. You prioritise lipstick touch-ups over kissing

 Gals who truly love lippy will life prioritise their lips over boys any day


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9. You struggle to commit to wearing one colour

So you always carry multiple lipsticks in your handbag


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10. Lipstick compliments are everything

 You get a major buzz when someone compliments your pout

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