As if we needed any more reason to have a quiet one and stay in, Netflix have nailed it again with a fire line-up of films and tv shows coming in November. Here’s 10 to get on your watch list stat!

1. Casper – 1st November

The 1995 classic film is out to watch and reminisce slap bang on the first day of November.


2. Scary Movie – 1st November

The spoof film that became iconic and gave us badass babe Anna Faris as the lead – it’s one to watch with the squad.



3. When Harry Met Sally – 1st November

An old school rom-com with ‘that scene’ everyone talks about…


4. The Pursuit Of Happiness – 1st November

*Beware* this WILL make you cry. Stock up on the tissues…


5. Silent Hill – 1st November

A horror fave, take a trip to the town of Silent Hill anytime after 1st November.


6. The Whole Nine Yards – 1st November

With a stellar line-up of Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry to name a few, you’re know you’re in for a treat with this comedy.


7. La La Land – 8th November

The talked about film that scooped a record breaking 14 Oscar nominations, if you watch one film this November, make it La La Land. With Emma Stone and Ryan Gos, how can a girl say no?!


8. The Girl With The Pearl Earring – 12th November

Another all star line-up, we see Scarlett Johansson star as 17th-century servant opposite the one and only Colin Firth.



9. The Martian – 25th November

Matt Damon stars as an astronaut abandoned following a storm whilst on mission, cue a film underpinned by a frantic mission to get him home.


10. Broadchurch Season 3 – 27th November

The series that gripped a nation debuts its third season on Netflix. Sign. Us. Up.