It ain’t about the size of the pumpkin, it’s what you do with it. Whether you’re a carve crafter or wanna make yours lit with lots of glit, we’ve got ten pumpkins to get yours looking on fire.

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1. Get Glit

Keep it chic and simple with a white and gold glitter combo

2. Express Yo’Self

Take your emoji love to a whooolllleeee new level by painting your faves on a pumpkin

3. Life’s Better When You’re A Unicorn

So dress your pumpkin up as one!

4. Make Yours Monochrome

Go all out and get a gang of pumpkin pals and dress ’em to impress them

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5. Get Shady

Having a Halloween feast? Play hostess with the most-ess with some slick pumpkin shades

6. Don’t Grow Up

Make yours into a cute lil character – and get green fingered with adding bits from nature

7. The Stripe Hype

Everyone loves a bit of rose gold so stripe it right with some metallic strips

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8. A Twist On The Classic

Carve the classic lantern face and then? Go all over glitter. Simple but oh so effective. Baby not included

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9. In Bloom

Be at one with nature and give your pumpkin a floral feel

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10. Back To Basics

And for when you wanna keep it classic, a simple scary face will always do