With the sunshine making a shy return to our skies, it seems a very real possibility that summer might actually happen this year. So it’s time to kick that beach body into touch with a no-carb, no-sugar, no-dairy diet, right? Wrong. Spring is traditionally a time for growth, so why not expand your dining horizons and take some new dishes for a test drive? The all-weather chowhounds at DesignMyNight have rounded up the biggest, boldest and tastiest plates you should be checking out this month.


1. Maxwell’s Bar & Grill

A West London institution, Maxwell’s opened way back when in the 1970s and has been serving up some of the city’s biggest comfort bites – we’re talking spicy wings, hefty burgers and insane freakshakes. But it’s their mac & cheese that really takes the cake. With soft macaroni, four different cheeses, not to mention the crunch of their crispy biscuit topping, it’s a revelation in dairy indulgence.


2. Dead Dolls House

Move over chicken and waffles, Dead Dolls House is taking things one step further. Enter the Waffle Burger, a mouthwatering mound of buttermilk fried chicken, smoked pancetta and Monterey Jack cheese sandwiched between doughy waffles and finished with a drizzle of syrup. Are you drooling already? Same here.


3. Casita Andina

One of the top spots in town for a taste of South America, Peruvian-inspired eatery Casita Andina churns out a delicious range of small plates reminiscent of those found in Andean picanterías. One of their must-try items is in fact a side salad, a broad bean causa. Made with Rocoto potato mash, broad bean salsa and an avocado purée it is light and fresh, but never lacking in flavour.


4. Asia de Cuba

We all love French toast, but have you tried Cuban Toast? Head to Asia de Cuba for their take on the brunch classic that sees butter brioche covered with coconut and almonds, and served with guava purée and mascarpone cheese. Sweet, fruity and satisfying, it pairs remarkably well with bottomless mojitos.


5. Riding House Cafe

The next logical step in modern dining, the Burgerdict has arrived. The creation of the Riding House Cafe, this mixed-breed brunch option brings you the best of both worlds as runny-yolked poached egg meets dry-aged beef patty, special house hollandaise, tomato and a toasty English muffin.


6. Lokhandwala

Fitzrovia’s Lokhandwala is known for its twists on traditional British fare, with everything from Yorkshire puds to Shepherd’s Pie being served ‘Lokhandwala-style’. For a truly original take on an old favourite though, try their Maseladar Fish and Chips. A far cry from your standard chips and curry sauce takeaway, features Masala fried sea bass fish & served with crispy salli wafers and pea puree.


7. Miusan

Modelled on the opium dens of 1940’s Paris and New York, Camden drinking and dining palace, Miusan, have rustled up a menu of pan-Asian showstoppers. Their Malaysian Beef Rendang is a particular treat if you’re in the market for tender slow-cooked beef in a wash of spicy curry paste and coated in crunchy coconut.


8. Hush Mayfair

Spring has truly sprung at Hush and their seasonal menu is fit to bursting with fresh flavours and sunshine-ready cocktails. Try out their Summer Garden Salad; crammed with crumbled feta, Bulls Blood lettuce, kale, toasted seeds and a range of edible flowers, it’s devastatingly beautiful, so make sure you snap some pictures for the ‘gram before you devour it.


9. The Diner

Even in these modern times, it can still be hard out there for a veggie looking for some cold-hard junk food, but don’t worry because The Diner is here to offer you more than just dry AF ‘burger’ patties and tiddly side dishes. With an impressive meat-free menu, grab some vegan cheese fries and their Big V Dog – a good old fashioned, straight-up, no frills hot dog, smothered in classic mustard and ketchup.


10. Absurd Bird

You’ll never get to heaven without wings, and nowhere knows that better than Absurd Bird. Ready to take you to a spiced chicken paradise, their Wingshack offers everything from crispy buttermilk fried crowd-pleasers to their Xtreem Hot Wings, perfect for those looking for a one way ticket to a delicious hell.


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