This ones for the gals that are still their Dad’s ultimate ‘lil princess (yes, even now) …

1. You’ll go to him before your mum

Whether you’re pestering for a bit of cash or are just in need of a favour, you know your persuasive powers will work like magic on him. Everrytime.


2. He’s your unofficial taxi driver

Like SRSLY, who needs to pay for an Uber when you have your own personal chauffeur?


3. He lets you get away with more than your sibling

With you, butter wouldn’t melt – and sure thang everyone else knows it.


5. You wouldn’t date someone your Dad doesn’t like

If they don’t get his approval you’ll be telling ’em boy bye before they know it.


6. You’re already excited for him to walk you down the aisle

Which is probably gonna be the most emosh part of your entire wedding TBH.


7. You try be the son he never had

We’re talking eating junk food, playing FIFA and pretending you know what the offside rule is.


8. You still borrow from the bank of Dad

Mum doesn’t need to know…


9. You love making him proud

Whether you’ve bossed a job interview or nailed an exam, nothing beats his approval = FACT.


10. He’s set you ridiculously high expectations when it comes to men

Let’s be real, he’ll always be the no.1 man in your life. Sorry BAE.

GIF source: Giphy