One half of our fave power couple of all time. Let’s take a sec to thank Mrs Obama for all of the times she was the ultimate boss lady.



1. When she landed her own Carpool Karaoke

Ever driven around the White House with Missy Elliott chilling in the back? Yep me either…


2. When she gave the most killer speeches

Always giving inspo


3. When they were the cutest family



4. But still didn’t let Barack out-sass her

You tell him hun


5. When she danced with this 106 year-old lady

Just adorable


6. When she showed just how down to earth she was



7. And she said what we were all thinking

Pretty much…




8. When they challenged The Queen at the Invictus Games



9. And made the best First Lady ever

Just sayin’


10. And finally, when this happened

And kicked off hundreds of memes

GIF source: Giphy