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Lucky enough to be blessed with a sister? Here’s the ultimate signs she’s the greatest pal you could ever wish fo…


1. You can be an absolute weirdo around her

From goofy dancing to piggin’ out in your old PJS – there’s no judgements here


2. You communicate through tagging each other in funny sh*t on Facebook

‘Cos nothing says “You’re my BFF” like a totes hilarious meme


3. She’s your lifeline at family parties

Especially when you both get placed on the kids table again…


4. You have all the same guilty pleasure songs

Lizzie McGuire ‘This Is What Dreams Are Made Of’ will always be banger let’s be real


5. You can fire quotes from ANY film to her

And she knows exactly which one you’re talking about everryytime


6. You’re both brutally honest

If you ain’t a fan of her new top or her roots need doing – you’ll sure as hell tell her


7. You won’t let anyone hurt her

‘Cos NO ONE messes with your sis, you hear me?


8. You steal each other’s clothes all the time

And always argue over who’s buying something first, ofc


9. You have secrets from your parents

“Please don’t tell Mum and Dad” is a key rule of sisterhood


10. When you’re not with her you miss her like cray-cray

And when you’re back with her nothing ever changes


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