Feb feels like a long time coming. Wave buh bye to dry/dull Jan (delete where appropriate) and heyyyyy to Feb, and all the reasons it’s kinda a big deal.

1. Jan lasted half of our lives

31 days? More like 300. We were broke, sad from Christmas and probably still a lil’ hungover. Feb is short. Feb is a fresh start. January was just a warm up.


2. Pancake day is coming

Need we say more?

3. It’s Valentine’s Day

And whether we’re celebrating solo, with our S.O or the squad, it’s the perf excuse to treat ourselves to new lingerie, lots of chocolates and a cheeky glass of red.


4. Spring is closer

Despite the chill outside, every day is a step closer to spring and the possibility of seeing the sun. What does it look like again?


5. New things for our ‘drobe

A new season coming means new things. Buh bye buying knits and hello hot new spring things.


6. Award season is here

From the BAFTAs to The Brits and The Oscars to The Emmys, it gets us hella excited for new things to watch and all the outfit inspo.


7. The latest 50 Shades is out

And gives us two hours of staring at Jamie Dornan. DEAL.


8. Chinese New Year

It’s ‘The Year of The Dog’ if you didn’t know and festivities kick off from Feb 16th.


9. Gyms (hopefully) start to calm the F down

The Jan fitness craze will calm, and you’ll be able to find a spare treadmill within 100 yards.


10. It’s getting lighter outside

Only slightly, but every little helps huns.


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