Selena Gomez is absolute goals – letsbereal here. Here’s exactly why our ultimate girl crush is SRSLY bossing life RN.

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1. She’s ridiculously talented.

From catchy pop songs to sexy ballads – this gal’s incredible voice has got us singing in the shower all day everry’day.


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2. She’s a Disney queen through and through.

Not only was she ultra adorbs in Barney, but she went on to star in Wizards of Waverly Place – ie one of the most addictive shows going.


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3. She’s super charitable.

Selena was named the youngest ever ambassador for UNICEF in 2009 – and she’s gone on to support many events and charities across the globe since then. This babe sure gives back.


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4. She knows what heartbreak feels like.

Even people as amazing as Selena gets hurt sometimes – but this gal isn’t afraid to show her feelin’s and battle on through. Beebs who?


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5. She loves her fans.

Our down-to-earth BAE is always giving her fans the time of day and is forever showing gratitude for their support. That’s what we like to see!


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6. She’s the most followed person on Instagram.

With 122 million followers, to say Selena is slaying insta scene would be a huge understatement. With a selfie game that strong, is it any wonder?


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7. She’s  got a star studded girl squad.

Taylor Swift is Selena’s BFF – but she’s also tight with the likes of Demi Lavato, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens to name a few. Jealous much.


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8. Her boyfriend is smokin’ hot.

Selena’s new BAE The Weeknd is super fit – and they legit look cute AF walking down the red carpet together. Ultimate couple goals!


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9. She’s really open about mental health.

Selena, who admittedly suffers from depression and anxiety, is always raising awareness about the important topic. (FACT: she was even the Executive Producer for 13 Reasons Why.)


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10. She’s an amazing role model.

Intelligent, talented, funny, strong and SRSLY humble…this girl is every’thang we should aspire to be. You go girl!