Whilst the One Direction lads have ventured down totally different paths, we remind you exactly why Liam Payne is the ultimate BAE…

1. He’s super talented

Not only has he got incred’ vocals, but he can DJ, dance and even produce and write songs


2. He’s cute AF

With his gorg smile and puppy dog eyes, there’s no denying that Liam is major eye candy

 one direction liam payne night changes GIF


3. He’s done loads of charity work

Our Liam has held multiple charity events and is even an ambassador for an adult cancer trust


4. He’s dating Miss Cole

*Sob sob* – but good on Liam for bagging the geordie beauty. Cute couple alert!

 cheryl cole GIF


5. He doesn’t give up

Liam auditioned for X-Factor in 2008, before he was sent home – but he came back stronger than ever in 2010

 liam payne liam payne GIF


6. He’s dad to adorable baby Bear

And the Instagram posts of them together are to die fo’

 one direction liam payne happy birthday liam liam james payne happy birthday liam payne GIF


7. We love his brand new sound

Liam’s latest single ‘Strip That Down’ has more of an R&B vibe that’s super catchy

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon liam payne fallontonight strip that down GIF


8. He’s a good friend

The 24-year-old is tight with the likes of Zedd, Ed Sheeran and ex band mate Niall Horan to name a few

 funny love cute smile one direction GIF


9. He ain’t afraid to laugh at himself

Fo’ever playful and cheeky, Liam is always up for a bit of banter

 harry liam best song ever liam payne one direction GIF


10. He cares about his fans

The ex 1D singer always takes the time out of his day to chat to his fans – talk about a real gent!


Photo Credit: Instagram

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