We caught up with model, dancer, actress and all-round babe, Laketa Lester on set of the first drop of our #allgirls campaign…

When did you start playing drums?

I started when I was about twelve – it’s a really good way to express yourself and your feelings. Whether you’re feeling overexcited, happy, angry or sad, I can just go into my garage and slam on all the drums and get all my emotions out. It’s fun just making music, it’s a universal thing that brings people together,

What does inclusivity mean to you?

Everyone can be who they are, there are no categories on people. There’s no “you’re fat” “you’re skinny” “you’re this” “you’re that” everyone is who they are as a human and there are no boundaries.

What does fashion mean to you?

It’s a way of expressing yourself and shows to the world who you are as a person – I don’t think fashion can define you but you can define fashion.