If you can’t spot ’em whilst you’re scrolling down your feed you’d be lying…

1. The insta-obsessed

They’re loud ‘n proud basic b*tches who will do anything for the ‘gram, not to mention they’ll be exercising their thumbs all day everrry day.

2. The over-hashtagger

Seriously though how many hashtags are acceptable to use? #askingforafriend

3. The filter warrior

They’ve downloaded at least 5 apps prior to ‘gramming and have a set theme filter theme they just gotta stick to.

4. The foodie

You’ve no clue what they actually look like but you love to snoop on their daily brunch pics. #foodporngoals

5. The fashion fanatic

It’s all about the #OOTDs and well composed flat lays of merch.

6. The chronic liker

When your selfie isn’t progressing as well as you’d thought, you can always count on the chronic liker to give you a bitta support.

7. The jet-setter

Miami last week, Bora Bora this week. Us jealous? Nahhhhh.

8. The stalker

Either they’re trying to attract your attention or they definitely didn’t mean to like your pic from Disney Land 2012.

9. The scheduler

Did they just upload a pic from dinner last month whilst they’re sat in their PJS at home? You bet they did.

10. The poser

Whether it’s an edgy candid shot or a cheeky selfie, the poser will be working that pout ‘fo life.

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