What. A Night. The 38th Brits arrived in London and in case you missed it (shame on you), we’ve got the 10 moments you need to know about.


1. When Dua rocked the red carpet wearing this outfit

A thousand times YASSSSS


2. And went on to bagging TWO Brit Awards

Girl can do no wrong



3. When Elton John referred to Ed Sheeran as ‘Shiran’

Have we been pronouncing it wrong this entire time?



4. When Cheryl said her and Liam’s ‘Safe Word’ was “Don’t Stop”

And we felt super awkward



5. When Ed Sheeran performed ‘Supermarket Flowers’

And we shed a tear or twelve



6. When Jesy was reminded of that time she tried to do a Jamaican accent

And became an internet meme because of it



7. When a ‘drunk girl’ making faces behind Liam and Cheryl went viral

And it was actually Este from Haim



8. When Liam Gallagher performed in tribute to the Manchester Arena attack

And everyone was united



9. When intro to Kendrick Lamar’s set took forever

And we wondered if he was OK hun



10. When Stormzy finished the night with this powerful rap

Calling out Theresa May for Grenfell and the Daily Mail