Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to make a mistake every now and again. In fact, I’d recommend it. Whether it’s a minor mix-up or serious slip, there’s nothing wrong with making a few mistakes. Here are 10 things you should stop beating yourself up over:


1. To date Mr. Wrong

Yes he’ll break your heart and yes, you’ll waste far too many tears on him but you’ve gotta kiss a few frogs before you find Mr Right.


2. To have worn Dream Matte Mousse foundation and blue eyeshadow

We ALL did it at some point. And you know what? It’s perfectly fine! How else are you meant to find your signature make-up without a few faux-pas?


3. To get drunk, cry and cry some more when you’re hungover

It happens to the best of us. And while it ain’t pretty – and you certainly won’t thank yourself in the morning – it’s not the end of the world to have the world’s worst night out.

4. To cut your hair during an existential crisis

That pixie crop you’ve seen so many A-listers rocking? The PERFECT time to try it out is when you’re feeling lost. Um not so much. But hey, it’s just hair. And guess what? It grows back!


5. To walk away when things don’t work out

Whether it’s leaving a comfortable relationship or walking out of a mediocre job, it’s not a mistake to walk away when something isn’t making you happy anymore.


6. To spend your money rather than saving

It might not feel like it when you’re skint and penny-pinching ‘til payday, but experiences will make you richer than saving for a rainy day. Squirrel away some money, but make sure you’re living!


7. To mess up at work (and cry in the toilets)

It’s a heart-stopping, sinking-feeling-in-your-stomach moment when something goes horribly wrong at work. If you don’t mess up, how are you supposed to learn and prevent the same mistake next time?


8. To hang out with the wrong crowd

Look back on some friendships and wish you’d never got involved? Don’t! Bad friendships help shape you, and without bad friends how can you make the best ones?


9. To embarrass yourself

Whether it’s tripping over in front of a hot guy, saying the wrong thing in a meeting, or having your skirt tucked into your pants, embarrassment happens to the best of us. And you can laugh about it later when the redness has died down.


10. To follow fad fashions (and cringe in years to come)

Fashion is meant to be fun, and every once in a while it’s good to make a massive fashion mistake. If nothing else so you can laugh at the photos in a few years!


Image credit: Unsplash