Who doesn’t love Christmas?! Presents, catchy tunes, spending time with your loved ones, and most importantly lots of parties! But that means a hella lot of hair dos to perfect. Don’t fear boohoo fans, we’ve got it covered. From loose waves to pretty plaits, there’s a luxe look for everyone.

By Eva MacDonald 



Image credit: Pinterest 

1. Low-slung braid

This is perfect for laid back glamour.

Tip: rough-up your braid with your fingertips once it’s in place. Otherwise, it can look too prim and perfect.

Style with: Secure this at the bottom of your braid for extra glam.

Image credit: Pinterest

 2. Pretty in pearls: 

Put a unique spin on a classic bun.
Tip: keep your jewellery simple and let your hair style take centre.

Style with: An affordable hairband.

Image credit: Pinterest 

3. Glamorous up-do: 

This one will keep your hair off your face and let you dance all night long!
Tip: Hairspray your kirbys before you use them to make them extra secure.

Style with: This mermaid crown looks legit.

4. It’s time to sparkle: 

Because if you can’t wear jewellery in your hair at Christmas, when can you?
Tip: Pull out loose strands of hair so it doesn’t look too ‘polished.’

Style with: Embellished gem hair clip.

Image credit: Pinterest

5. Hollywood waves: 

We’re in love with Ashley Greene’s retro waves
Tip: Apply moose to wet hair to make your curls last even longer.

Style with: These easy-to-twist-in pearls will make you stand out even more.

Image credit: Pinterest

6. Add some glitz to your fringe: 

With a pop of vintage glamour.
Tip: Secure any hairband with a kirby to make sure it doesn’t move throughout the night.

Style with: This gorgeous ornate stoned accessory.

7. Or just go full on Christmas with this super cute bow:

Which look’s your fave?