We caught up with Director of Photography, Neus Ollé on set of our latest #allgirls campaign to talk inclusivity, fashion and the film…

What does the word inclusivity mean to you?

That everyone is welcome and part of the same group where there are no distinctions or restrictions

What made you decide to pull together an all female crew for this shoot?

It was part of the concept. When Lucy contacted me and was like “wanna do a film for girls made by girls?” and that was intriguing for me for a fashion brand that celebrates all shapes, all sizes and all different kinds of girls. Normally fashion is quite restricting to one kind of girl

What have the crew brought to the shoot?

It’s been an intense two days with lots of different locations, movements and times and everyone’s been really helpful and up for it

How do you think the film contributes to empowering girls to express themselves?

It’s a portrait of different girls and gives a variety of different shapes, colours and ages.