by Kara Godfrey

A film remake fills every fan with trepidation and the fear that they won’t do it justice. But, with the success of Beauty and the Beast, here are a few promising remakes you need to add to your diaries…

Wonder Woman

The Movie Remakes Worth Shouting About

One of the most exciting and female-butt kicking films to come out this year is being headed up by Gal Gadot who looks like she is going to nail it as Wonder Woman. Did you know she was once in the Israeli army?

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The Movie Remakes Worth Shouting About

Hopefully third time’s a charm when it comes to this Spider-Man reboot. This time being created by Marvel to tie into the Avengers series, we can only hope Tom Holland finally creates a good hero…

Blade Runner 2049

The Movie Remakes Worth Shouting About

It’s been 25 years since the original and with Harrison Ford returning to join Ryan Gosling, there are high hopes for the dystopian thriller.


The Movie Remakes Worth Shouting About

Every childhood was spent being terrified by Jumanji and Dwayne Johnson heading up the team in the remake is certainly going to be an interesting one. And for fans of the late Robin Williams, a tribute to him is rumoured to be in the new film too.

King Arthur

The Movie Remakes Worth Shouting About

Guy Ritchie’s latest venture into the history of King Arthur looks for a jazzed up version of the legend, with Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law fighting it out. It’s a good looking cast for sure…