We’ve all been there. From filter fails to having to memorise the tennis game convo we’re having with our BFF, here’s all the Snapchat struggs we face on a daily basis.


1. You Can’t Pause

Mid-way through your mate’s epic night out and get distracted? Think again gals because it’s gonna stream if you’re ready or not. So think twice before pressing play.

2. Or Stalk For That Matter

Forget screenshotting for the group chat unless you wanna explain why you snapped bae’s ‘boys night out.’ “Yeah just slipped babe. No biggie”

3. Filter Fails

It’s all fun and games until your dog ears come off. Or your halo of stars. THIS IS ME NOW. Don’t let me down huns.

4. No Chat History

Espesh worse when your friend is the type to reply four days later and their no context “yeah me too” now means NOTHING.

5. The OTT Snapchatter

You don’t have to go out with them to feel like you’re on a night out with them. Just watch their 57 stories of their evening at da club.

6. Sending A Snap To The Wrong Person

Bonus points if it’s your ex.

7. Or Sending A Private Snap That Goes Public

Cool story bro.

8. The Fugly Fonts

Didn’t want my snap to look nice anyway DW.

9. Re-living Your Drunk Alter Ego The Morning After

I shouldn’t be allowed a phone after four jagerbombs – all I’m saying.

10. Getting A Direct Snap, That You Find Out Moments Later Is On Their Story

I want exclusive content pls hun xoxo


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