Its official – ‘New Year, New Me’ time is upon us once again. And whilst we all start the year with the best of intentions, come February that gym membership is cancelled, carbs are firmly back in our lives, and those resolutions are left for ‘next year’. Yeah…right!


The Gym

Expectation: I want the best beach bod for Summer ’18. No pain, no gain!

Reality: Owww. The gym hurts!


The Diet

Expectation: These acai bowls for breakfast are going to be so tasty


Reality: When did fruit get so expensive? Pass the pizza!


Getting Over Your Ex

Expectation: Right, it’s time to move on *deletes ex boyfriends number*

Reality: Gets a ‘Happy New Year x’ text at 12:03 on January 1st


Starting A New Hobby

Expectation: Right, I’m going to learn to play an instrument


Reality: A guitar costs HOW MUCH?! Pfft


Saving Money

Expectation: It’ll be tight, but when I get paid I’ll spend half and save half

Reality: HANDBAG SALE?!!!


Getting A New Job

Expectation: It’s time I had a proper career. I’ll update my CV and go to some networking events!

Reality: I hate people



GIF source: Giphy