Let's Be Zen: Tips & Tricks To Staying Calm

 By Kara Godfrey

Yelled at by your boss at work? Been ghosted by some rude-boy? It’s easy to give into the anger and who hasn’t gone on a bit of a Twitter rant only to regret it the next day? Next time you feel the red mist descend, try some of these top tips to staying zen…


Go for a run/kickbox

Forget yoga; it’s all about burning off that rage. An angry run or kickboxing session means you’re concentrating on something else, be it your breathing or someone’s head you’re punching. As Lena Dunham says: “It ain’t about the ass; it’s about the brain.” And don’t forget to use that post-exercise shower for that pretend argument with whomever has got you mad.


Vent to a friend

Grab a bottle of wine and settle in for the evening. Warn your friends ahead of time but a good vent and scream helps you not only get it off your chest, but can help rationalise whatever the problem was with an external point of view. And any time with the girls is time well spent right?!


Do something satisfying yet mundane

Whose to-do list is already out of control one month into 2017? However, those mundane tasks you’ve been putting off could come in handy when you need a distraction. Clearing your food cupboard of four-year-old chickpeas or sorting your beauty drawers of gloopy nail varnishes can take your mind off things as well as feeling like you’ve achieved something small. And it’s all good feng shui. Two birds with one (pumice) stone.


Head for the apps

Ah, the beauty of technology. There are some great apps and websites out there which can help you take your mind off things, be it through meditation or laughter. Headspace is perfect for fitting in ten minutes a day of quiet mindfulness.


Look at the big picture

If nothing else, when you’re feeling mad or frustrated, it’s always good to keep a list of everything you have achieved and everything positive about you. Create your own ‘F*** Yeah’ list of your amazing travels, work successes or even just having an amazing bod. So next time you’re feeling mad, just remember; you’re awesome, babe.


Image credit: Unsplash