This week we asked some of our fave French bloggers to tell us more about how they feel and what they think about body confidence. Sincere and very honest, here’s all of their thoughts… 

“It would be quite inappropriate of me to lecture anyone on self-confidence, I have a lot of issues with this term and what it defines. I embody confidence once in a blue moon and for the rest, I just want to hide under my own hair. However, days when I feel good about myself are more and more frequent and I now know how to embrace this body how it is. It’s not perfect but alive and healthy. It moves with me and represents who I am”

– Anaïs

 “Self-confidence is something that is quite complicated in itself. Some days are just bad and it’s the same for everyone, in front of the mirror, we just want to scream we are huuuuuuuge. Beauty is unique to everyone. Keep going, onwards and upwards, stop thinking about what other people think or say. Let’s just feel beautiful, run to the beach in our cutest swimsuit!”

– Alessia

“The society we live in is extremely superficial. But what is a perfect body? Is it a normal body? There is no definition for a perfect body. We are all beautiful! Shine on the beach, enjoy the sun, tan and more importantly have fun, love yourself and accept yourself!”

– Amandine  

“I’m neither tall, nor short, nor big, nor petite, nor blonde, nor brunette… I am one of these that you can walk past in the street many times without remembering the face and honestly it’s fine by me ! It’s been a few years since I’ve stopped worrying about what other people think!”

– Héloise

“My dream: tanned with green eyes, not happening. But honestly, the most important is to feel good in your head, your body and be confident? (Right, I still have a long way to go…). And it’s important to have the right support. Friends who only complain and compare their tans are not really for me. We can’t measure our summer, holidays and life only based on your tan, no?”  

– Julie