By Niki Igbaroola


A year in the Life? More like a day in the life given how quickly the Gilmore Girls reboot was devoured. After months of waiting and surviving on clips and interviews with the cast, we finally got a chance to return to the magical land that is Stars Hollow and check in with the magnificent Gilmore Girls.

First off, a shout out to nature for doing Dean, Jess and Logan good. If there ever was a index of exes, these are some you’d be proud to parade. Rory Gilmore’s got it all. Age definitely has been kind to all three men and for that we are ever grateful.

Ed Hermann’s passing was no doubt going to be addressed in this re-boot but Amy and Dan Sherman-Palladino honoured him beyond my wildest dreams. By having all three Gilmore Girls stories revolve around their grief following his passing, Richard was kept alive in this reboot beautifully. In many ways, this grief allowed the show to really explore adult themes and saved the show from falling into the trap of many reboots which try to recapture the exact same tone as the original show. 

The Gilmore Girls are ten years older although give how youthful they all still look, you are forgiven for thinking we’ve simply picked up right where we left off. The dialogue with its fast-paced, reference heavy beat is back and up to date (yes we caught the Lena Dunham reference thank you). Rory’s three phone debacle, Paris and Doyle’s stairs and the nanny Emily just cannot understand bring the little touches of endless humour that we know and love from the show.

Speaking of Paris Geller, her return to the show is noted and very appreciated. In true Paris style, a freak out is had and props to Liza Weil for the badass door kick scene that will no doubt spawn GIFs and memes across social media for years to come. 

The motley crew that make up Stars Hollow were back and even kookier than ever if you can believe it. Patty and Babette terrorising all gorgeous men with their lascivious comments, Gypsy despairing at the state of Lorelai’s car and Taylor striving tirelessly to make Stars Hollow a prime tourist destination one sewer system at a time. Kirk, darling Kirk with his endless business ventures goes head to head with the corporate giant Uber to predictably disastrous results before designing the most epic wedding venue television has ever given us. 

If your Instagram feed isn’t full of Gilmore Girls inspired weddings in 2017 then the world as we know it is definitely ending because I can’t think of anything more anyone would want from their wedding. It was PERFECTION!

Sookie’s brief return despite being appreciated was not enough, her presence or lack was missed through-out the show and made our return to Stars Hollow seem incomplete. There simply weren’t enough kooky kitchen antics to satisfy. Hopefully should there be a re-reboot (which there should), Melissa McCarthy has more time in her super-busy schedule to dedicate to the show.

Let’s get to the final words…those four words that had everyone waiting with bated breath. After four seasons of watching Rory, Lorelai and Emily go through major transitions and I mean MAJOR…I mean, Emily finds a maid she LIKES…Emily Gilmore finds a maid SHE LIKES! This is almost as shocking as the sudden landing of a UFO. Lorelai almost goes hiking which is enough of a near occurrence to let us know she’s going through something. And Rory, poor Rory had a one night stand with a Wookie which is an event that basically speaks for itself. We reach the bombshell of an ending and in many ways this ending is perfection. There is a symmetry between the story line and this ending that as a long term fan, I can appreciate.

Whilst many think that this is going to definitely spawn another reboot, I can’t help but wonder if trying to pursue this story further will be too tricky especially after the epic goodbye courtesy of the Life and Death brigade. There is the suggestion that whatever is going to happen in this reboot has already happened with Rory and Lorelai. 

Now I am not saying another reboot won’t be very much appreciated, I just wonder if wanting one isn’t perhaps a result of incurable greed.