aka. suitcase hell. 

When it comes to holiday packing, I go through at least one week of stress and breakdowns. I mean, surely it’s not just me?! Every year the same…

Two weeks before

I’ve totally got this. Two weeks? That’s almost too much time to pack! I’m so organised this year.

8 Stages of Packing

One week before

OK, so I’ve literally packed nothing. That’s fine. We still got this. I’ll start doing my holiday washing tomorrow.

8 Stages of Packing

6 Days before

WTF?! I literally have no clothes. No, really, what will I wear to the beach?! This OLD kimono from LAST YEAR?!

8 Stages of Packing

5 Days before

Oh heeeeeeeyyyy sassy sunnies let me just dust you off. NOW I’m ready.

8 Stages of Packing

4 Days before

*text from my BFF* You left your absolute fave straw hat on that bar man in Turkey

8 Stages of Packing

3 Days before

It’s almost not funny anymore. Like, just get SOMETHING in the case

8 Stages of Packing

2 Days before

Ok, f*ck it, just pack everything

8 Stages of Packing

Getting to the airport like…

I don’t want to hear about what anyone has packed, when we get to the airport I’m checking in my suitcase and getting a drink! Happy holidays!

8 Stages of Packing