Avo Addict

Five years ago you may not have even tried an avocado or thought it was only worthy of your guacamole. (Which can we add is THE best invention ever BTW) . Nowadays our Instafeed is avotastic and we can’t ‘avo’ enough of the velvety green superfruit.

From brunch to brinner it’s our favourite way to get green… 

But why?

Not only are Avocados veggie, gluten free and dairy free friendly, they are:

·         Bursting with antioxidants

·         Packed with more than 20 vitamins & minerals

·         Contain more potassium than bananas

·         High in fibre

·         Loaded with heart healthy fats 

Avo Addict

What does this mean for me?

·         THE queen of all hangover cures

·         Luminous skin, hair, nails and that sparkle in your eyes

·         A helping hand on the digestion front

·         Regulated moods, sleep & appetite and a whole heap of other stuff!

What about all those calories?

Yes avo is laden with a hefty calorific tag but the calories are good ones

High calories can also mean high in nutrients just like nuts, chicken & eggs. Plus, the good stuff keeps us fuller for longer which means less snacking in between meals

Avo Addict

How can I eat more?

First off, choose your avo well. A ripe avocado should have a little give when you squeeze it

Secondly-slice and pit!

Thirdly-Get creative

Smashed avo on sourdough topped with poached eggs and sriracha is a classic but there are plenty more ways to get your avo-fix than on toast

If your avocado’s gone a lil grim, don’t throw it in the bin. Whip it up into a face mask or treatment for silky locks!

Let us know if you avo-go 😉