by Naomi Stewart

8 Things You Only Do With Your BFF

1. Screenshot EVERYTHING


2. Pee in front of each other


3. Hate the same people

If your BFF doesn’t like someone – you don’t like them either. No questions asked.

4. Send pics (not nudes)

If you’re not shopping with each (totally rare occasion) then you’ll be sending photos from inside the changing rooms to get their approval for Saturday nights outfit. Four eyes is better than two right?

5. Share food

You’re not real besties if you haven’t ordered too much of everything in a restaurant and gone halves

6. Mark your territory

You get annoyed when someone else refers to them as their BFF. (fuming)

7. Drunk text

Forget boys – you confess your undying love for each other when you’re drunk cause you’re both single independent women who don’t need no man.

8. Read minds

You know that ‘let’s get takeaway’ look off by heart

GIF source: Giphy