by Jess Jepson

10 Trends We Wanna Bring Back From The Noughties

Double denim, cargo pants, gypsy skirts, velour tracksuits, ponchos… 

The noughties are certainly famous for an array of, shall we say, interesting fashion trends. From chokers to ponchos, there’s a lot about the era’s famous fashion I’d rather forget, but there’s also a few firm favourites I wouldn’t mind making a comeback!

1. Cargo Pants

We literally lived in our cargo pants for the entirety of the noughties, until the arrival of our beloved skinny jeans. Could they be making a comeback? Well King Kylie’s already at it, so I reckon comfy cargos are the way forward, who’s with me?

2. Layer Up

Remember layering your fave t-shirt over a long-sleeved top? Avril Lavigne ruled this noughties fashion favourite. What better way to mix up your wardrobe than layering up? Bring layering back!

3. Sparkly mini dresses

Kendall copied Paris’s infamous 21st birthday dress, now it’s our turn to copy her.

4. Lace-up trousers

Britney used to be the queen of lace up trousers back in the day, but now Gigi’s taken her crown. This famous noughties trend is back and I have a feeling it’s here to stay.

5. Mini designer bags

Remember these? Before we all started parading around tote bags bigger than our heads, mini designed bags were the ‘it’ bag. Lindsay Lohan rocked the LV look in Mean Girls and Paris Hilton was no stranger to the trend. A designer bag just big enough to fit your phone and credit card? Pass it over.

6. Embellished jeans

Remember Beyonce’s Destiny’s child days? They seem so long ago… But surely you haven’t forgotten her array of embellished jeans. We’re totally down for rockin’ a pair with our mules. Queen B for lyf.

7. Bum bags

What’s not to love about these practical little beauties? Carrie Bradshaw’s little Louis Vuitton bum bag will forever be our noughties bag of dreams. Who said bum bags were just for festivals?

8. Double denim

Double denim’s kinda made a comeback a thousand times, but never in quite the same way as Britney and Justin slayed it back in 2001. It’s still often treated as a fashion faux pau and we want it to stop. Bring back double denim!

9. Off the shoulder tops

They’ve already made their come back and I could NOT be happier!

10. Crimped hair

Ok so I don’t know about you, but crimped hair was DEFO my fave 00’s trend. Pass me the crimpers, let’s bring it back!