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Being single is great. As a seasoned singleton myself, I can happily preach to anyone listening about the benefits of prioritising yo’ damn self. Unfortunately, there are some assumptions and comments that can make any single girls’ eyes roll on a constant basis. If you’re finding yourself guilty of committing sassy singleton hate crime, then you probably should avoid the following sentences…

1.“You’ve just not met him yet”

 Most commonly uttered at weddings and over cocktails, this phrase is usually accompanied with severe levels of unwanted sympathy. Whether it’s your great aunt or you best gal, who says your life is leading up to the moment you meet ‘the one’? Next!


2.“He’s just not that into you”

 What is equally as annoying is being told that our potential suitor is well, just not as into us. Even though were happy most of the time being single, no one likes their ego being bruised


3.“Lots of people start families late”

 I nearly spat my Prosecco out at a family reunion when this was said to my 22-year-old self. I mean c’mon, I haven’t even hit 30 yet and I’m already getting the spinster stereotype because I don’t have any sweet arm candy? Yeesh!


4.“Maybe it’s you”

 Maybe it is you. Maybe it is all about developing YOU as a person and feeling fulfilled without the need for someone else cramping your style. Just sayin’


5.“So you’re focusing on your career then?”

 Whilst it’s fantastic to work hard on your career, being single isn’t a common side effect. There’s a helluva lot of misguided association between single women and being obsessed with the career ladder. Seriously


6.“Is it lonely?”

 Sometimes, but then you remember that you get to star fish and always choose what’s for dinner/on TV

7.“Are you seeing anyone yet?”

 Yes. Yes I am Susan. I am seeing my damn self in the mirror every morning and wondering what I did to become such a strong independent woman #blessed