We all know that morning after fear. You had one too many or just felt like expressing all yo’ feels to bae, your BFF or the last pal you spoke to. Cue embarrassing reminders every time you open that lil’ green app. Or if you’re like me, you’ll delete it until you’re brave enough to carry on with your life.


But all social media regret will soon be a thing of the past. That is, if you remember your message mistake in under seven minutes. Yep, our prayers have been answered people as Whatsapp has announced you’ll be able to erase those pesky texts you wish you hadn’t have wrote. SCORE. It’s rumoured the complete upgrade of the app will mean you can choose whether to ‘delete for me’ or ‘delete for everyone.’


If the user hasn’t read it and you delete in under that time, instead of ‘getting in touch with your feels’, they’ll get a simple message saying the message has been deleted. So whilst you won’t be able to remove all evidence, it’s a damn good start. Cheers to that, sort of…

Image source: Giphy