Half chocolate, half biscuit, oozing with carmel and double the size of a normal choccie bar. Is there any wonder we bloody LOVE twix bars?

They just got EVEN better, as news drops that the once limited white chocolate edition is making a comeback. Only this time – it’s here to stay on our shelves permanently.

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BrandEating reports that from November the heavenly chocolate will make a comeback in the US, before being rolled out to the UK. Can we get an amen over here?

The retail price is $0.99 to $1.09 (75p) for a single and $1.69 to $1.79 (£1.28/£1.36) for the ‘2 to Go’ bar.

Twix have hinted on twitter that they might be releasing their bars slowly rather than in bulk – meaning you need to keep yo’ eyes out for the white edition. We’ll be fighting you for ’em.

Photo Credit: Instagram