Consider yourself a dream to drive with? Take a gander at this list and try and tell me you’re not one of these lot once you’re behind a wheel. I dare you.

1. The Hot Mess

If you don’t have a friend that uses their car as a bin on wheels… then guess what? You are that friend.

A trip to the cinema seems like a great idea, until you’re faced with the task of  swimming through a sea of plastics bottles, receipts and left-over wrappers from Maccies.

Your car smells of chips and sadness. Take me home immediately.

What's Your Driving Style?


2. Paranoid Penny

Expect to double your journey time with this one. There is absolutely ZERO chance of them moving into the fast lane.

And if you think you’re getting a parking space straight away, think again my friend. You’re gonna be doing at least 20 laps before they find the perfect spot… which is about 3 miles from where you’re actually going in to. Nice one, mate.

Say the words ‘parallel parking’ and watch them break out into a panicky sweat.

What's Your Driving Style?

3. The Rager

So someone cuts them off at some traffic lights. Oh well. Sh*t happens.

But it doesn’t end there. Ohhhhhhh no. Forget where you were supposed to be going to. That’s not happening any more.

You’re now the accomplice in a full-on car chase, which involves driving up this persons arse for a solid 20 minutes.

What’s the objective? F*ck knows. Just sit there quietly and pray that you don’t need to cough. Nobody is safe at this point.

What's Your Driving Style?

4. Head In The Clouds 

You probably get in this person’s car twice a year because they’re just that terrifying. You can guarantee they have done at least one of these in the past week:

– Backed into a lamp post and lol’d

– Accidentally kept going at a zebra crossing and nearly mowed over a group of pensioners

– Forgot to put their head lights on just presumed it was really dark that night for some reason… Sure

What's Your Driving Style?

5. DJ On Wheels

Don’t expect to wait on a text telling you that they’re outside. You’ll be able to hear this one blaring Fetty Wap from the Corsa a solid 2 minutes before they’ve even rolled up to your estate.

The worst part about this person? They won’t even take requests. Not ONE.

Touch that aux cable and prepare to lose a finger.

What's Your Driving Style?

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