Nope it ain’t April Fools just yet but we’re still trying to figure out if this is legit, because it sounds pretty cray.


Earlier this week, the 26-30 railcard, allowing a 1/3 off rail travel went on sale for £30. Only there was a catch, only 10,000 were available in the government’s trial of the ‘millennial card’ and social media kicked off a storm when the website suffered big tech problems (unsurprisingly due to demand).


So shortly after, Virgin Trains have launched this unique marketing campaign dubbed the ‘#Avocard.’



We’re kinda lost for words TBH. There’s a whole list of T&Cs you can check out but it sounds pretty solid, apart from the fact you’ll cart around an avocado instead of your normal paper railcard. Can you imagine the stares? And it’s not just us who are a lil’ confused. Here’s how the internet’s reacting:



You’ve got until 20th March to use your #avocard and more information can be found here. Whether they’re av’in a laugh or not, this is one slick idea.


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