Tall girls who are just fire

Let me just put it out there, I don’t care what size or shape you come in, if you’re fierce and your style is on point… I’m gonna be girl crushin all over you. It just so happens that this week we’re hailin the taller ballers out there and these above average height babes are giving us serious GOALS. 

Legs to die for, great reaching skills, and is it just me or are tall girls funny AF??!

Taylor Swift

OK, I know we bang on about Tay like she’s our actual BBF but sh*t this girl rocks. She looks 24/7 flawless, hangs with a squad we’d kill to be part of, bashes out serious girl power anthems, has PDA’s with boyf Calvin that we can actually deal with and this treadmill sketch for Apple is everything *now breathe*

Tall girls who are just fire

Karlie Kloss

We obviously couldn’t give Swizzle props without mentioning her equally leggy bestie Kloss. We could give chapter and verse on why we love her but just look at her! And also, she shares our love of pizza, if only we could share her Victoria’s Secret bod!

Tall girls who are just fire

Cameron Diaz

The woman is 43 and an absolute goddess! From the moment she rocked that spunky (no literally) hairdo in Something About Mary we knew we’d be crushing hard for life. Oh and then there’s this booty dance that gives us life every time we watch. We. Salute. You.

Tall girls who are just fire

Jessica Rabbit

OK fine, shes a cartoon, but just look at her. That’s all I got. Just look at her…

Tall girls who are just fire

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