Summer Lovin No.1

The personal goals we set back on January 1st are a long distant memory and the pressures of the ‘perfect summer body’ have escalated into panic mode.

Extreme diets are in full swing, maybe you’ve gone for the aloe vera shots or a juicing detox? You’ve booked yourself on high intensity interval training and hot yoga even though you nearly barfed after it last time. But who cares, you have your heart set on a sheer little number for a beach party you just HAVE to have and nothing less than flawless abs is good enough! Just think of how good you’ll look in your Insta pics..

Your friends all say they drink kale smoothies for breakfast and eat quinoa for lunch so you feel compelled to join in. But realistically are they? (Yeh right!)

There are some days when only a fully loaded burger and shoestring fries will do and YES it is ok to just ‘netflix & chill’ in your onesie even though you RSVP’d to running club! YOLO

Summer Lovin No.1

Here are my tips to be summer lovin’ no. 1 this year. YOU!

1.      Learn to love yourself for all your flaws.

What’s your best feature? Buy a holiday wardrobe to accentuate your best bits & feel sassy in your own skin.

That a$$ might not stay peachy forever so flaunt it girl. Hot pants e’ry day!

Summer Lovin No.1
Summer Lovin No.1
Summer Lovin No.1

2.    Keep a food diary.

Listen to what your body tells you.

-If you’re not hungry, don’t eat just because it’s there.

-If eating bread makes you bloated then cut it out or have it in moderation.

-TIP Can’t resist a sweet treat after a meal? Brush your teeth instead to stop the urge in its tracks!

-And always drink 6-8 glasses of water every day!

Summer Lovin No.1

3.    Smile

Remember a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear & won’t just brighten up your day but everyone else’s too. Winning!

Invest in a good toothpaste and floss every day for pristine pearly whites that are camera ready for selfie action!

Summer Lovin No.1

4.    Don’t give up.

The saying ‘nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’ is my motto in life! If I really want something I’ll do it and nothing will stop me! If you are desperate enough to drop a dress size or tone up those abs, then set yourself realistic bitesize goals.

TIP  Struggling for motivation? Drag your pal along for inspo!

Summer Lovin No.1

5.    Remember what’s important

Is your dream this summer to look good or to have an adventure with your besties? Time with loved ones is priceless and we doubt you’ll make any precious memories in the gym! Did you know just 15 minutes of laughter a day can burn from 10-40 calories! Sold.

Summer Lovin No.1

For a minute there I’d forgotten how fabulous I was already!

Summer Lovin No.1