Life doesn’t have to be boring on a budget so we’ve come up with a few fun ideas you can do along with topping up your tan at the same time…  win win right!?

Work it in the park

Make the most of the sunshine and take your workout from the gym to the park. Put your headphones in, turn up those tunes and break a sweat! Find a park bench and use it for press-ups, box jumps and side planks or just go for a lil’ run and enjoy the fresh air.


For the animal lover

Re-live your childhood and feed the ducks. Who say’s we’re too old? If you’re feelin’ even more animal friendly, why not head over to a petting zoo in your local area – it won’t break the bank and you can’t say no to some furry friends.


Get walkin’

Whether you’ve been stuck in an office all week or you’ve just escaped from the dreaded exam season , there’s nothing better than soakin’ up those rays and getting outside. Girl, leave all your stresses, phones and woes at home – head out on a walk in the country with your BFF and spend some quality time catching up on all the gossip without the interruption of social media.


Picnic party

One of our fave summer time perks. If you don’t grab your picnic blanket and a total feast of all the must-have nibbles when the sun comes out – are you even doing a British summer right? Why not even get a few cheeky pre-made cocktails and create your own happy hour… we are THERE.


Bike it like a babe

Renting a bike for a few hours won’t use all your dolla’ whether you’re in the city or nearer the country on a park trail. Call your girl gang and head out for an adventure! Cycling is the ultimate calorie burner so tone those legs, bums and tums… let’s use that as an excuse to treat ourselves to some goodies along the way, amiright?


Image credit: Unsplash