Ah, the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it? Read and relate to the stages you’ll most likely experience doing your Christmas shopping…

The Prep

You’ve got a list as long as your arm and the budget has been set. Nothing can go wrong

Entering The Shopping Centre

What. Is. This. Madness?


Being Told They’ve Not Got Your Size Left

When you’re meant to be shopping for other people


Yet Feeling No Shame At Swiping The Last Luxury Choc Set In Store

You snooze you lose Sandra

Getting To The Till And Realise You’ve Left Your Bag For Lifes At Home


Whenever You Pay In Cash

You. Are. Welcome

The Regret Of Overpacking

These bags are weaker than me after a few shots

Realising You’ve Forgotten Your Sister’s BF’s Gift, But Managed To Bag Yourself A Bodycon

I tripped into an LBD ok?


GIF source: Giphy