So I Failed Dry Jan...

1st Jan – like many across the world, I decided it was the time to ditch the alcohol and go dry. For me it was a first. I go out pretty much every night and living in the city centre, temptation is everywhere. Here’s how I got on…

2nd January

We go out for brunch. I ask for the non alcoholic drinks menu. The waitress looks at me as if I’m asking a bakers if they sell newspapers. We compromise on a mocktail which is nearly the same price as an alcoholic beverage. Why world, why?


So I Failed Dry Jan...

3rd January

Friend tries to get me to crack. Puts having ‘a few days off’ on the table or at least drinking at the wedding this month. When I say no, I’m doing it full throttle – she tempts me with a drink there and then. I resist. Can’t fall at the first hurdle.


5th January

A close colleague’s leaving do. Normally I’d be sipping champagne whilst waving her off but tonight it’s simply coke. I’m with three others on Dry Jan so we refrain together. A squad that abstains together, stays together right?


So I Failed Dry Jan...

6th January

We head to town for an early dinner and drinks. I tempt myself by smelling the alcohol. I don’t crack, but when I see prosecco’s on the menu for £4, it makes my heart hurt a little.


8th January

Another outing. I order a mocktail and yet again it’s inches off the price off a cocktail. Baffled.


13th January

Friday. A day I’d almost always be out. Rather than tempt fate, we stay in. I swap a great wine for cooking a stellar Stilton sauce. We fall asleep pre midnight. This is not like us.


So I Failed Dry Jan...


14th January

I wake up exhausted – more than I ever do if I’ve had a drink. Tonight’s my friend’s birthday – my first ‘out out’ test sober. I regularly preach that I don’t need alcohol to have fun, and it’s true. But I’m yawning at 11pm and struggle to loosen up on the dance floor. We end the night as we do most alcohol-fuellled nights – in a takeaway pre-Uber. Surrounded by drunk people I’m aware of absolutely everything, especially just how cold my £3 burger is. Yum.


15th January

Weekend brunch – one of my favourite times of the week. Normally I’d make a beeline for a mimosa but not today. I order a Garden Fizz mocktail which thankfully is a great substitute.


So I Failed Dry Jan...


16th January

Tonight we’re at a mocktail masterclass in town – perfect. I do walk away with a sugar rush headache – here’s hoping you don’t get hangovers from those?


17th January

One of those rare things called a night in? I swap happy hour for a bath and some light reading. A friend invites me out and asks if I’m still on ‘Dry Jan.’ She remarks how proud she is when I answer yes. Score.


18th January

My friend’s birthday meal. Normally I’d be the first to suggest splitting a bottle of red or white but I look on lovingly whilst I sip on a soft drink. My heart breaks slightly at the complimentary champagne being passed around. I question everything.


So I Failed Dry Jan...


20th January

A spontaneous night out. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s my last Friday dry that temptation is everywhere. So we pick distractions – first up – ping pong which is obviously more successful sans alcohol. We tell the bartender of our woes and she whips up two delicious mocktails for a reasonable price for once. One drunk guy takes so much of an interest he tries to steal my shoes. Not tonight drunk Dave.


21st January

The day I cracked. My first wedding of 2017. I’d vowed to stay dry for it, but we hit the champers before we’ve even set off. I actually feel nervous taking my first sip and I get drunk waaaaaay quicker than I normally would.


So I Failed Dry Jan...


22nd January

The morning after. The bit I’ve been dreading. I’ve successfully swerved approximately 300 hangovers in the past couple of years. I’ve run 10Ks on four hours sleep and 12 drinks. I’ve ridden front row on Oblivion after a (and I’ll stress not my words) ‘heavy sesh.’ And I’ve laughed in the face of everyone I know come the AM when I’ve got a spring in my step and they’re glued to their bed. Would my luck be over? Have I ruined my own jammy get out of jail free card?


Luckily, I wake feeling like I usually do after drinking – way better than I deserve. I’m tired but that’s down to the 4am bedtime. Do I feel 100%? No. Do I feel hungover? No. And the good part is, when I’m ‘hungover’, I wake lovely and early and in time to head out for brunch and carry on with my weekend.



The Result

So what I’ve learnt? To sum it up – I can do it. Whilst I didn’t really save much money and turning down free drinks was tough – I can quite happily live sans alcohol. We did have a few shocked stares from bartenders when ordering soft drinks so I’ve been pulling out the ‘Sorry, I’m driving’ card every night in January. One of these days, someone will actually ask me for a lift and then my cover will be blown.


I’ve not drunk texted any exes or got any embarrassing photos to untag from Facebook so that’s always a win but maybe instead of giving it up completely, I try a new kind of balance. I drink because I enjoy it, not to binge or not because I’m peer pressured or need it. My head’s felt clearer and I probably should have made it ’til the end of the month. But if you can’t break the rules for a wedding, when can you?



Obviously it goes without saying, drink responsibly – for more info, visit Drink Aware