Don’t wait until tomorrow to have a clean out – there’s nothing more motivating than a good de-cluttering session! See how getting rid of certain things will help you reach your goals with the following tips:


Getting rid of… unwanted clothing

This one’s a given, especially as you’ve probably hit the boxing day sales recently and probably need room for all your purchases. Adopt a capsule wardrobe and clear out the things you never wear, things that don’t fit, or anything you no longer love and donate/sell. If you struggle with clearing out your wardrobe or hate the thought of downsizing, make a ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ pile and pack the maybes away. You’ll see which items you really love when you go back to the box and pull out that top you miss wearing!


Clearing out… your old and unwanted make-up

This can save you money, as by using out of date make-up you could risk your skin’s condition and may resort to buying more skincare products to tackle the issue. This is also an opportunity to look at what brushes/tools you hardly use – maybe you prefer using beauty blenders to brushes, or eyebrow pencil over powder.


De-cluttering… your unwanted Christmas gifts

Be honest with yourself, do you really need all those deodorant sets/shower gels/body lotions? Charity shops often accept unused toiletry sets – if you still have lotions and potions from last year go through which ones you want to switch out, the same can be applied to any gift you know you won’t use (just don’t tell the person who gifted you!). Useful items like deodorant can be stored until you need them – don’t keep anything you don’t like the look/smell of! The best way to deal with gift guilt is to be honest with your friends and family the following year when they ask you what you want so they don’t waste money on something you won’t like.



Sort through… your social media

And this isn’t just the old Facebook unfriending spree – go through who you follow on Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter and be honest with who’s posts aren’t relevant to your interests anymore or who’s feeds you rarely interact with. This will help you to refocus on your interests and personal tastes – instead of being bombarded with content that doesn’t resonate with you, you can be inspired by people that do!



Make space in… your time

Now you’ve cleared out many areas that you may spend a lot of time on, take the time to relax! You might feel unproductive and lazy, but it’s important to clear your mind every once in a while and recover from everyday life. In fact, this will help you reach your goals as you won’t feel as overwhelmed and can focus on what’s important to you!


Image credit: Unsplash