Most things look better when they’re pink or have glitter in. So when we saw that Starbucks have started to do pink lattes, our Insta feeds got all the feels.


The millennial pink trend shows no sign of slowing down, and now you can sip it in a takeaway cup. The only catch guys and girls – you’ll have to book yourself a lengthy flight to Japan, because that’s the only place you can grab it RN. And it’s only offered during their Valentines period so you ain’t got long. Maybe convince bae of a last minute break away? Some things you just gotta do for the ‘gram.


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Named the ‘Pink Medley Tea Latte’, the hot drink is a blend of what’s called ‘Joyful Medley’ and steamed milk. It’s got fruit infusions of jasmine and tastes of peach, orange and apple. So basically it’s the ultimate sweet treat. And we wanna get our hands on one. Let’s make this global guys…