If you’re obsessed with sweet treats and all things pink, this is for you. Say hello to Ruby chocolate – a girly, creamy brand new flavour that’s making us SRSLY loose our sh*t.

As if we didn’t already love the 3 types of chocolate enough –  scientists at the Swiss chocolatiers, Barry Callebaut, have exceeded our expectations with this millennial pink bar of goodness.

This new fourth type of chocolate offers a totes different taste and has a fruity, berry flavour that’s ultra smooth ‘n’ scrummy. The super on-trend colour isn’t down to flavouring or colouring, but comes from the Ruby cocoa bean it’s made with.

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Truly delicious sounding and stylish as hell – we’re sure this choccie will be featured all over the ‘gram VERY soon…

Photo Credit: Barry Callebaut / Giphy