As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month 2020, we caught up with Malin Andersson on how her family’s experience with breast cancer has changed her outlook and what we can all do to help raise awareness.

How has your family’s experience with breast cancer changed the way you look after your breast health?

I guess my families experience with breast cancer made me more aware of what to look for and how to ‘squeeze your boobs’. It also makes me want to look after my body a little more.

What advise would you give someone who has a friend or family member going through breast cancer?

If you have someone you love going through breast cancer, it’s okay to feel sad and its okay to have your down days we are all human just make sure you’re by their side.

Supporting someone through cancer must be difficult. How did you find strength during that time? What gave you hope?

During my mum’s time with breast cancer everyday was different. My mum deteriorated quite quickly. I watched the stages every single day. I just had to comfort her and be there for her in her final days.


“Just because you haven’t had a history of it, doesn’t mean you won’t get it so it’s important to check.”

Malin Andersson

What have you found useful in remembering to do your monthly self-checks or learning about ways to take care of your breasts?

When you’re in the shower, give them a little squeeze, give them a little check

Why is breast cancer awareness so important?

In my mum’s case, she was the only one who got it and she has 6 sisters. Just because you haven’t had a history of it, doesn’t mean you won’t get it so it’s important to check.

How can we support our mothers, aunties, grandmas or sisters to look after their breast health?

Encourage everyone to go get checked, don’t ignore any symptoms and hide, go get it looked at and encourage other to do so.

What can we do to make a difference for breast cancer?

Donate, raise awareness and get checked!

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