1. The cold-hearted one

So, you’ve just sent your dad a heart warming message full of good news and a whole lotta love… what does he reply with? “OK.” Thanks for the support dad!


2. The no context one

A photo of mum in the garden? Did you mean to send me that because you’ve not sent a message with it? It’s only a day after when you call about something unrelated that he brings up that they were really enjoying the weather outside yesterday. Err okay then.


3. The ‘trying’ to be relatable one

It’s a quick text to tell you about how much he is enjoying listening to Little Tricks recently. Little Tricks?! It’s Little Mix, but at least he’s being supportive this time.


4. The emoji filled one

Yep, dad has discovered emojis and he LOVES them. Never has he been so friendly over text, there’s a smiley face, a heart and a thumbs up. The only thing is you can tell just how proud he is of that text.


5. The bored one

It’s a Saturday afternoon and it’s almost time for him to fall asleep watching the football in the living room but before he does that he just wants to send you a text. It’s a good phone screen sized paragraph telling you about his day… he’s visited the grandparents, mown the lawn, been to town and gone on a bike ride. It’s been warm but not too hot and mum’s been fussing about what to have for dinner. Who needs to live at home when dad can give you a play by play?


6. The useful one

Whether your laptop has stopped working or there’s an issue with your car, dad will be happy to send you multiple texts with all the tech knowledge you could possibly ask for. There will be links to websites and numbers to call along with his very own ‘expert’ advice. There’s no one quite like dad!


7. The classic sign off one

‘Dad xx’. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell him he’s saved in your phone contacts he’ll always end the text the same.


8. The social media one

“I tapped a heart on that picture on that app!” As you had already received a notification earlier to tell you this, you know EXACTLY what he’s talkin’ about. Otherwise it would be a complete WTF, but hey – at least he’s helping a gal out.

So yeah, we may giggle about your texting mishaps dad but it’s fair to say you wouldn’t be the same without them!


GIF source: Giphy