University…  your last chance to suck up the sweet life before you have to eventually flea from the parental nest and create a life of your own. You stay put in the hope to reduce a crapload of debt and countless coffee fuelled all-nighters in the library. But the true reality of the situation is hidden under layers of home-cooked meals, clean floors and a peaceful sleeping habitat. Or should I say, it was…


Expectation: I’ll be a sassy, independent woman who don’t need no overdraft.

Living At Home: Expectation Vs Reality

Reality: You’re 3 months into a top secret overdraft. How else are you going to get your quick fix uni-drobe?


Expectation: My parents are going to be so proud of me for what I am achieving; I’ll probably get rewarded regularly.

Reality: When are you going to get a job? Why aren’t you studying? Why are you still in bed.


Expectation: Emotional support on tap – no matter how stressful my day gets, there will always be somebody to listen to my problems.

Reality: Spending 5 nights a week confiding in your pet… They’re your best friend now.

Expectation:I’ll be eating like a queen with a continuous replenishment of non-basic foods… midnight snacks holla!

Reality: Sneaking food into your room because you get ‘the look’ when choosing a wheel of brie and a bottle of wine over a plate of veg (or any other green sh*t you swerved on the way).

Expectation: My life will be chore free. Spare ‘me’ time dedicated strictly to Netflix, snacks and Instagram.

Reality: Suddenly you have become the head of house work… and since when was it a crime to be in your pjs past 2pm?

Expectation: My social diary is going to be slammed. This is going to mean friends from home AND uni, I’ll probably be out every night whilst still having the bonus of my own bed.

Reality: My friends from home have lives. My Uni friends are great (Monday to Friday). I spend most weekends eating peanut butter out the jar, contemplating my next method of procrastination.

Expectation:There are going to be zero distractions this year, just a peaceful environment where I can take on life head first and pass with flying colours.

Reality: You spend evenings in a pre-deadline meltdown session with copious red bull consumption. Mum’s 8am hoovering schedule does NOT mix in well with your more-than-deserved lie-ins.


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