The world went cray for cute and quirky pool floats, and that’s when it was just for you. Think pizza slices, flamingos and doughnuts. So the bar’s just been raised babes, because you can now get your hands on giant inflatable animals that will make you wanna live on the water on your next vacay.



They’re not exactly cheap but look at them. Think of all the fun. Sold on Sam’s Club’s website, you can choose from a peacock, flamingo or unicorn. Or why not go wild and buy the whole trio? They retail at $150 which works out at just under £110. Or between your squad of six, £20 each.


Reviews state a 20-30 minute wait to inflate, and due to size, bigger than most pools. But when they come with coolers and cup holders, we can hardly complain… You can buy your fave animal here.


Image credit: Sam’s Club