If 00’s movies have taught us anything, it’s that summer should be spent with your pals, some eye candy and a killer ‘drobe at the beach where it’s ALWAYS sunny. Whilst that would be an ideal way to spend every day, for us mortals that pesky thing called life tends to stop us. If you’re dreaming of a vacay but don’t have any $$$, here’s some fool proof ways to spend the season at home and still have a blast.

1. Take some ‘me’ time

Whether you’ve just finished University or you’ve had a hectic year at work, taking some rest and relaxation time is key for your well-being. Whether that’s booking in a spa day, or turning off your phone for the evening to chill in front of the TV, make yourself no.1 for a change.

 2. Go outside

Even if a gal can’t afford a jolly holly, sometimes some of the best things are on our doorstep. Whether that’s road trippin’ to a beach for the day, or visiting the local park, there’s something pretty content about being surrounded by nature.

 3. Volunteer

If you’ve found yourself with heaps of time to spare, then why not donate some of it? A quick search on the internet will show a treasure trove of good causes that you can volunteer for without travelling abroad. Plus, an animal shelter = cute AF animals all day long.

 4. Become organised

Sometimes having a declutter of your ‘drobe or making plans for your future can do wonders for your mind. It’ll help you get motivated, and you can reward yourself for being super productive.

 5. Get a job or some work experience

Although working sounds like one of the least fun ways to spend your summer, it actually has a lot of benefits. Aside from the obvious $$$, you get to meet new people, gain new skills and improve that CV. Win win!