How To Get Back On Track With Your Resolutions

Okay, so it’s March and it seems like any motivation you had at the start of year has pretty much disintegrated into thin air.

Girl, don’t worry. It’s never too late to get back on track to being that boss ass b*tch you really are…

Take it one step at a time

It’s super easy to write a whole list of endless resolutions in January, but sometimes this just isn’t achievable. Stick to one or two main resolutions that will have the most valuable impact on your life, before you start making millions of promises to yourself that you just can’t keep. Making too many resolutions won’t help you, and you’ll only end up annoyed with yourself when you break them.

Don’t make resolutions just for the sake of it

It’s easy to make a resolution because it sounds good: but ask yourself WHY you’re making it. If you wanna go vegan, make a list of the reasons for the change and think about how it’s going to help you.

Motivate yourself in healthy ways

Just saying ‘I want to do this/stop this’ to yourself won’t make the cut. Telling your girl squad for some major motivation can always help: even better if they’ve got the same goals. Making motivational quotes and leaving post it notes around your personal space is also a fab idea, and you can even make collages or mood boards to inspire you. The more visual your goals are the better!

Don’t beat yourself up about it

The main reason resolutions go out of the window for people is because once they fall off the wagon they never get back on it- but you can! So what if you had too much wine one night, so what if you fancied eating a whole tub of ice cream, we’re all humans at the end of the day and we can all indulge when we want.

It’s about balance!

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