A dog on demand? Sounds too good to be true, but at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, it’s kinda the case.


Meet Buster, he’s the hotel’s COO (Canine Operating Officer) and has been ‘working’ at Hotel Nikko since 2015. And as well as his day to day, he’s also ‘on call’ for any emergency doggy cuddles. If guests are in need of a lil’ TLC, they let the front desk know and if Buster is available, he’s only an elevator away. A much better treat than a burger and a glass of red if you ask me.


And as for other furry friends, they’re welcome too. So if you’re travelling with your dog they can check in with you and have the ultimate vacay.

For an additional fee, he or she’ll get their own doggy bed, a fun welcome bag with toys, food bowl and leash, as well as San Fran’s only rooftop grass dog run for them to do their biz and play with other furry guests. So if you fancy giving your pet the VIP (very important pet) treatment, it’s one for you.